Клейкая защитная лента Stokvis Tapes КА24021

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KA-24-021 — High tack acrylic PP tape

Условия поставки:
Рулон 100мм*100м
Срок поставки – 8 недель,
Минимальное количество для заказа 12 роликов (В коробке по 6 рулонов).

This double sided tape consists of a polypropylene carrier and a solvent based modified acrylic adhesive.

Product properties
It has a very good resistance against UV light, temperatures, chemicals, solvents and humidity. Its high shear
resistant adhesive is highly durable on metal, varnish and high-energy surfaces. It has a good adhesive
durability when attached to low-energy surfaces, and because of its high adhesive mass, it is appropriate for
rough or structured surfaces.

It is used for the secure attachment of truck and car mirrors in plastic housings and as an adhesive medium for trims, covers and cable trunks. It is used for the extension and splicing of paper, textiles, plastic and metal
films, where high shear strength and adhesion is required.

Storage and ageing
2 year shelf life whilst stored in ambient room temperatures. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Applying tips
All substrates should be clean and contamination free, a solvent such as Isopropyl-Alcohol is recommended for cleaning purposes, and the tape should be applied with pressure.

Технические характеристики:
Carrier PP/film
Adhesive Acrylic modified
Colour Transparent
Liner Paper brown
Weather resistant Yes
UV resistant Yes
Plasticizer resistant Yes
Ageing resistant Yes
Thickness Carrier 0,06 mm 2,36 Mils
Thickness Total 0,21 mm 8,27 Mils
Adhesion on stainless steel 28 N/25mm 6,4 Lbs/inch
Static shear 23°C 1 kg/625mm2 2,28 Lb/inch2
Static shear 70°C 0,5 kg/625mm2 1,14 Lb/inch2
Temperature performance (short time) 180 °C 356 °F
Service temperature Between -40 and 120 °C Between -40 and 248 °F
Application temperature Minimum 15 °C Minimum 59 °F